Learn to drive

Know someone learning to drive ? going on the road by themselves for the

first timealone can be scary ,record drives and review them later to help

them imporve

                Scenic tour

Going on a road trip? or a family holiday? use your DashCam to record a scenic drive and share it with your Friends and Family .
             Safety and assurance

Use the DashCam when you are in a accident to show proof of fault , capture video of hit and run accidents,  occurring in front of you and use as evidence proving your innocent in  traffic court .

Why Vico Vation ?

                            Outstanding image quality

                                                  Vicovation applies advanced sensors and professional compressionchipsets.

                                                   Therefore, our image quality is leading and outstanding.

                          Careful lens selection

                                         Vicovation RD team carefully tests and insists on 6G lenses.
                                        Many car camcorders apply plastic/glass mixed lenses or lenses without megapixel      resolution.

                                          Therefore, the image quality can't reach better level, and these lenses

                                         can't endure high temperature.

                     Dig into algorithm

                                   Vicovation not only applies advanced DSP but also dig into image

 processing algorithm. Hence, our devices provide better AE

performance and present the balanced images. Vico-TF2 applies advanced DSP to enable WDR and 3DNR image processing.

Design for wide range of temperatures

The mechanical and HW design is based on high temperature endurance.

All devices apply high quality super capacitors, and the casing design can efficiently lead the heat out.

High quality components make all devices the best MTBF.






Quality Dash Cams